BA Services Prices

In addition to our Regular pricing, we offer a more expensive Premium service which significantly reduces the wait time for a leeching team to be formed for you. Median wait time for Premium and Regular in the past week can be found on our Queue.

The prices below assume you are starting at 0 points. If you already have some points, please join our in-game chat channel and ask for a price estimate.

Information for current premium customers:
If you are currently in queue for premium, having been quoted at the 20m rate we announced a few days ago. We apologise that we unfortunately have to raise pricing to compensate the sustained demand from GIM that is meaning the queue is not working as designed. If you want to switch to regular, you will keep your place in the queue above all regulars added after yourself were added for premium, and wait-times should be heavily reduced. If you want to stay on the premium queue, your wait will also be reduced to the much faster speeds we normally offer from premium. Feel free to speak with a rank in the chat channel for more information, or ask to speak with a star. Thank you for understanding and also for your patience as we work through this big queue.

PLEASE NOTE: If your account has 20 HP or lower, there is an additional cost.