Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never leeched before. How does this work?

Check out our easy guide on the process.

Do I find you in-game via the clan chat or old chat channel?

We're operating in the old chat-channel for customers. You can find us by joining "Ba Services" under the yellow icon for chat-channels.

What is a queue?

A line of people awaiting their turn to get something. In this case it's usually a Fighter Torso or Hat.

How do I get added to the queue?

Ask in our chat channel (BA Services), or on our Discord server, and a rank will help you.

How long do I have to wait in the queue?

We cannot predict when other customers in the queue will log in/out and cause the current line to shift. However, you can check how many people are currently online in the queue here.

Can I pay more to skip the queue?

You can pay more to have your wait time significantly reduced. You can check our prices here and view the median wait time for our Premium and Regular services in the past week here.

Do I have to wait at Barbarian Assault for my turn?

Nope! The only requirement is to stay in the chat channel until your name is called. We will never PM you. While you're waiting you can do anything you want in-game.

When is it my turn to leech?

Whenever a team forms and you're the person with the highest spot on the queue (Of people online and in the chat channel).

Will I lose my spot in the queue if I log out?

No, when you come back you will still have priority over the customers who were placed in the queue after you.

How long does a Fighter Torso take to leech?

About 60-65 minutes from scratch.

What is the process for paying?

Once a team is formed for you, you'll pay the highest rank on your team or whoever he or she tells you to pay. You can pay per round or the entire cost upfront, up to four rounds at a time.

How long do I stay in the queue?

People are removed from the queue after 10 days of inactivity.

Can I just AFK during the process?

You can AFK during each round, as long as you make sure you don't idle out.

How many points will I have after one round (Waves 1-10)?

You will have around 380 to 400 points, depending on what role you are.

Can I leech everything in one sitting?

If you're leeching a single item like Torso or Hat, it will be all at once. For orders requiring over four rounds (e.g. multiple items or multiple level 5 roles), there is a cooldown period between items / roles. Please ask in our chat channel (BA Services) if you would like more details.

How trusted is your service?

We've been in business for over three years and have had over ten thousand customers, including prominent streamers. While we don't specifically ask for vouches from our customers, you can find a lot of them on our Twitter.

What if I have low stats? What if I have a low Hitpoints level?

We are able to serve all customers regardless of your stats. There is an additional fee if you have 20 Hitpoints or fewer. Check out the low HP prices here. If you are not planning on keeping your Hitpoints at a low level, we recommend getting your Hitpoints above 20 before requesting a team. Remember that you need 40 Defence to equip a Fighter torso.

What if I am an Ultimate Ironman?

We can definitely help you, but make sure you are able to go into the Barbarian Assault basement when your team calls you. You are unable to take in runes, arrows, food, a rune pouch, or a looting bag into the minigame. Your team will be happy to wait if you need to Zulrah bank, and death in BA is safe.

What if I am a Hardcore Group Ironman?

Barbarian Assault is a dangerous death for Hardcore Group Ironman (HCGIM) accounts. Please see our HCGIM information page for more details here.

I have another question not answered here.

Our ranks will be able to help you in our chat channel (BA Services).