BA Services' Leeching Guide!

Before you leech:

  • Familiarize yourself with our prices located here and our FAQ located here. If you have additional questions, ask in our clan chat (BA Services).

  • Once you get added to the queue, you'll be given a customer ID and will be able to check your place in line here.

  • We will only be able to form a team for you if you are in the clan chat when you are online. We will never PM you and you should never trust PMs claiming to be from us.

  • Skip the tutorial at Barbarian Assault by talking to Captain Cain.

Once a team has been formed for you:

  • When it's your turn, we will call your name in the clan chat and ask you to meet us in a certain world downstairs at Barbarian Assault waiting room for Wave 1.

  • What to bring:

    • Coins: Enough to cover the cost of your purchase.

    • Decent armour: Sometimes the monsters will attack you. This is not an issue most of the time, but if you have a low Defence and/or Hitpoints level, then having no armour can be problematic.

    • Something to do: The process can feel quite long if you don't have something to keep you busy, so make sure you have something to do while still being able to pay a little attention to the game. Check our Prices page to see estimated times of how long each item takes to leech. You need to pay enough attention so you don't idle out and can run back to the Wave 1 waiting room each time a round is finished. Please note that unfortunately, Fletching and Alching are not allowed in BA.

  • Always pay the highest ranked clan member on your team or whoever he or she tells you to pay. NEVER pay a non-rank under any circumstances.

  • Torso leech runs take four full rounds.

  • If you have existing points, update your team leader with your total points before you leech and during the leech as well. This is important to ensure proper point management.

Things to remember:

  • Do NOT hit the Level Up button on the interface that pops up after each Wave (unless you are buying Level 5 roles). Closing out of the interface after each Wave is not required and will not affect your points.

  • If you have a low Defence level or if you want to help us out, you may stand at either of the cannon areas described in the picture below. This prevents Penance Fighters and Rangers from being lured south and attacking you and will ultimately increase the speed of your leeching process.

If you have any questions regarding the Leeching process, please feel free to ask in our clan chat (BA Services). We'll be happy to help!