Hardcore Group Ironman Information

Hardcore Group Ironman Leech Policy:

For Hardcore Group Ironman accounts (not regular HCIM), Barbarian Assault is not a safe death. The information on this page, as well as that given to you by your team when you start and throughout your leech, is there to ensure you mitigate all risk of death. Providing you follow the instructions below, you will not die. Consequently, BA Services are not liable for any HCGIM deaths that happen during your service.

In the event that your Hardcore GIM dies within Barbarian Assault, one of your group's lives will be lost. At BA Services, we do everything in our power to ensure that your leech experience with us is simple, efficient, and most of all, safe. In order to minimize the risk to your account, we ask that you meet the following guidelines:

🔹 40+ Hitpoints ❤️ is required. The higher the better.

🔹 Auto-retaliate should remain off for the entire leech.

🔹 Equip some armour with decent ranged bonus. (100 is plenty, but if you can't reach that, it's fine.)

🔹 Run to either cannon platform at the start of each wave; they act as a safespot from all mobs prior to the Queen. Wave 10 only has a western cannon, so keep that in mind.

🔹 If at any point, you feel that your account is at risk of dying during the queen phase, feel free to exit via the ladder and we will start the wave again.

The Penance Queen has a max hit of 13, with a slower attack speed. Queen spawns rarely can crawl up the cannon platform and attack you with a max hit of 7 every 2.4 seconds (4 game ticks), but this is quite unlikely to happen. As long as your hp stays above 20, you should be safe.

1. "West cannon" is the place where you should be every single wave. The entire platform should be safe. (Blue on the image)

2. On the west cannon there are two tiles which are 100% safe to stand on except when the queen arrives at the end of wave 10. (Orange on the image)

3. The ladder (Red on the image) is an emergency exit if you feel you're close to dying. You should only be using this when you're below 20hp and the queen has arrived. Please, stay on the west cannon if the queen is not there!


When you click the ladder a pop-up message will appear, asking you to confirm, you'll immediately will need to pick the first option for it to go through. Any attack on you will cancel the pop-up message.